Eagles poisoned

12:03 PM, Mar 26, 2013   |    comments
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WINLOCK, Washington (KING) -- Sharon Thomas couldn't believe what she saw when she took a walk on her property near Winlock, Washington last Friday.

"I got the binoculars, was unable to tell what it was,' she said. She found one of what turned out to be seven beautiful bald eagles - all near death. "We didn't realize what the culprit was -- why they were so sick," she said. "It was heart wrenching, wanting them to open their eyes and stay breathing so we could get them to the people who could help us."

A worker with Raindancer Wild Bird Rescue in Olympia brought the eagles to West Sound Wildlife Center, where a team of 15 volunteers have been working on the birds for days. They were all in critical condition. Some of the eagles were vomiting and convulsing while the most critical were unconscious and unresponsive. The volunteer vets managed to save all of the birds -- at least for now.

"It's miraculous that they're even here," said Dr. Alicia Bye.

"Miraclulous" because the eagles had likely eaten enough poison to kill a horse.

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