Rent thieves caught on camera

5:33 PM, Mar 7, 2013   |    comments
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ALVIN, Texas (KPRC) -- Surveillance video shows two men going to great lengths to get their hands on rent money inside an Alvin, Texas leasing office.

Joy Swonke, the property manager at an Alvin area apartment complex, said she was blown away when she saw the footage.

"I hope they get arrested," said Swonke.

The crooks found a creative way to grab the checks from a mail slot in the office door. Swonke said they placed a sticky substance on the end of a wire they stuck through the slot.

"They must have used something sticky because this is all sticky in here," said Swonke.

The two got away with more than $4,300 in rent money, including Fred Berner's money order that he immediately cancelled.

"They are going to give me a bit of a discount, a $50 discount off my rent. I had to get the money order replaced. They've been really good about it," said Berner.

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