Grandma robbed in chemical attack

6:11 PM, Mar 7, 2013   |    comments
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TAMPA, Florida (WFLA) -- Police in Tampa, Florida are looking for a man they believe sprayed a 75-year-old South Tampa woman with chemicals and then robbed her.

Police said a young, Hispanic man knocked on the backdoor of Pat Jordan's home offering to trim trees in her backyard.

"He said that's usually about $700, but I can cut it for $150 if you pay me in cash," said Pat Jordan.

Jordan let the man inside her home, because he said he needed to spray for spiders before he started cutting the tree. He told her spiders may come out of the tree and try to get in the house.

"He started spraying all around and he sprayed the rug and then he turned and sprayed me on my arm," Jordan explained.

Jordan said the man told her he'd sprayed her with acid and she needed to immediately wash it off with milk. She only had grape juice in the house, so she said he used that and told her to take off her jewelry.

"He was so forceful and kept grabbing my wrist and taking the bracelets off, saying you're going to get blistered," Jordan said.

Jordan didn't get blistered. The chemicals turned out to be a regular household cleaner. But she did get burned by the guy, when he made off with five bracelets, including one diamond and one sapphire bracelet, and $150 in cash.

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