ND Hockey team raffles guns

3:36 PM, Jan 28, 2013   |    comments
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FARGO, North Dakota (KVLY) - A North Dakota hockey team is raising money by selling raffle tickets for guns.
Stores everywhere say they are having a hard time getting their shelves stocked. 

But if you tend to be on the lucky side, a local fundraiser could put a firearm in your hands

These tickets are the key to winning one of 200 guns. 

Guns that are hard to get can be found on the raffle. 

"More difficult ones are on here," says Cal Helgeson with the West Fargo Hockey Association. 

Helgeson says they have seen people all across the country purchase one of these. 

With the shortage of guns taking place, the West Fargo hockey association says they don't mind the popularity of the raffle because it helps them with their shortage of ice rinks.

"With 20 percent increase this year, we have a big need for ice," says Helgeson. 

He says every ticket sold here will not only help you get one stop closer to one of these, but the association will be closer to getting what they need.

The association hopes to raise $90,000 with the raffle.

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