A love triangle anchors the new season of "Grimm"

3:17 PM, Nov 7, 2012   |    comments
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(KGW) - They were a fairy tale couple last year, the handsome cop and his veterinarian girlfriend characters on NBC'S "Grimm", but ever since Juliette Silverton came out of her coma at the start of this season, she's been struggling to remember her live-in boyfriend, Portland Police Detective, Nick Burkhardt.

For weeks now fans have been keeping their fingers crossed that Juliette would get her memory back and rekindle her romance with Nick.

"There's obviously some spark there," said Bitsie Tulloch, the actress who plays Juliette. "There's a reason they fell in love in the first place."

While viewers have been waiting for that to happen, they've seen the two characters sharing some sweet on-screen moments. 

Tulloch said she's hopeful that Nick and Juliette will find love again.

"I mean eventually I'm sure it's going to happen," the actress said. "But for now, she's struggling with remembering Nick."

In the show, Nick of course remembers everything about his relationship with Juliette.

Actor David Giuntoli who plays Det. Nick Burkhardt said he has no idea what's going to happen. 

"I hope we get back together," Giuntoli said. "I hope the love is rekindled."

But it won't be that easy for the two characters. 

In fact, things are already getting complicated.

There's a new man in Juliette's life and the attraction between them has created a twisted "love triangle." The new man is Nick's boss - Portland Police Captain, Sean Renard.

"We have a situation where I took a potion to be able to cleanse my character's soul," said actor Sasha Roiz, who plays Grimm's Cpt. Renard.

Renard had to take a potion and kiss Juliette in order to get her out of a coma. 

Now there's a nearly uncontrollable attraction between the two characters.

"It's going to be an interesting evolution throughout the season," Roiz said. 

Grimm fans will just have to wait and see if Nick and Juliette get their fairy tale ending, or if this love story will be overpowered by an irresistible attraction.

Giuntoli said he's rooting for Nick - and joked who wouldn't want to date Bitsie Tulloch on TV.

"She's not going anywhere," he said. "The story line has to do something and our writers are crazy in a good way, so who knows what's going to happen."


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