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6:28 PM, Aug 28, 2012   |    comments
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PORTLAND, Maine (NEWS CENTER) - So many students are going back to school with an iPhone, Android, or some form of a mobile device or tablet. So how can you best take advantage of these new devices for school? 


Well it may seem rather obvious, but the Google app is like a swiss army knife. It just does so much if you have a Google account. You can access the standard things like Google +, YouTube and Gmail, but you can also have access to Google documents and Google calendar. Set these up on a regular computer. Establish the calendar and add any documents that you might want, then they will travel with you on your tablet or device. You can edit in both on the devices like you would on a computer. Of course there is also Google Goggles. It will scan an image and pull back a result from Google.

Next up is Evernote.

Evernote is a notes app, beefed up. You can created a note and add photos, audio, mapping locations, even tag people. You can edit the fonts, change the colors, make the font bigger or smaller. It also syncs instantly. On some computers you can have a desktop version of the app and then it will sync up for you. Or if you have Evernote on multiple devices, it will sync through all of them.

Dropbox is also helpful for saving, or moving files.

If you need to have a file travel with you, dropbox will allow for up to 2 gig of space for free. You can buy more, but 2 gig can be a lot for small photos, small videos and documents.

iTunes U is obviously specific to iPhone/iPod touch or iPads. It taps into a whole world of educational content for free. This can be classes, courses, books, videos - you name it. Apple calls this the worlds largest educational catalog resource - for free. You can also access this on the desktop as well.

A couple of really quick ones:
-Have a dictionary app
-Have a good encyclopedia app (Ency. Britannica). The Britannica company now only makes online products. The hardcover editions are not being updated any longer. They make many kinds of apps. 

-Units: I love this app. It's very simple, but will look at all measure of units for you to plug one in and get a measurement. I like the currency one.

I also have one that's not exactly an app, but it does work on mobile. It's called "workflowy." It's a very simple service. It's a blank sheet where you can make lists in, but you can make lists within lists, within lists -- It's very handy.

I asked folks on Twitter what they would suggest and two really good ones that popped up were:
-US Presidents: A good write up (and images) of every U.S. President.

-Poetry from the Poetry foundation. 
This is a resource of over 10,000 poems. It has a great search feature and a good way to just randomly look for poems... you never know when you'll need a good poem. 

Other suggestions from Twitter:
-Nova Elements, 
-Art Set

For younger students I saw some of these suggested on Facebook:



-Stack The States

Send us your app suggestions!



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