Businessman buys out entire KMart and donates goods to charity

12:10 PM, May 17, 2012   |    comments
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WINCHESTER, Ky. (NBC) -- A Kentucky businessman has delivered an early Christmas for his county's Community Services department.

Rankin Paynter was shopping at a soon-to-close K-Mart in Winchester when the idea struck him.

Paynter asked the clerk what would happened to all the merchandise that hadn't been sold by the store's final day.

When told it would be sent to other stores, he decided to buy it himself.

Paynter bought the entire store inventory.

He then donated the items to Clark County Community services.

"What I see is people coming in my store, needy people sell their stuff," said Paynter, who owns a jewelry exchange business. "It's bad nowadays. I just told the clerk, let's just give it away to charity."

Paynter also rented space where all of the goods could be sorted and stored before Community Services distributes it.


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