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Video: Kennebec Ice Arena collapse

Video: Community members thankful no one was hurt

  • Photo courtesy Bille Axell.
  • Photo courtesy Bille Axell.
  • Photo courtesy: Sara Steiner
  • Photo courtesy Bille Axell.

HALLOWELL, Maine (NEWS CENTER) -- The roof of the Kennebec Ice Arena in Hallowell collapsed Wednesday, seriously damaging the building. The collapse was likely due to the weight of the ice and snow on the roof, although officials will not say that just yet.

A portion of the roof collapsed, exposing the steel beams inside the building. Police say after checking the building, it is likely a total loss. They say there is debris from the roof all over the ice.

There were three people inside the arena at the time of the collapse, but they all got out safely. They were not on the side of the building that collapsed.

The building on Whitten Road is used for public skating and hockey games. Police and community members say there are days when hundreds of people go in and out of the arena, and they are fortunate no one was on the ice at the time of the collapse.


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