Uncle Jim, Buffett bassist, does what he can to stop bullying

8:37 PM, Nov 11, 2010   |    comments
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BATH, Maine (NEWS CENTER) -- Jim Mayer lives a kind of double life. He's known by millions of music fans as the bass player for singer Jimmy Buffett's band, the Coral Reefers. But when not playing with Buffett, Mayer is "Uncle Jim", a popular singer and writer of children's songs - and a man with a message.

Mayer will bring his music to Bath on Friday, to the Montgomery Theater at Morse High School. The message is one that resonates nowadays with many educators and parents: bullying.

Bullying of fellow students has become a serious problem in schools across the country. Mayer weaves his anti-bullying message through songs and talk from the stage, telling the kids the key to a happy life is treating other people with kindness and consideration.

Mayer says bullying has been made easier by the popularity of social networking sites like Facebook and the use of e-mail and text messaging. Kids often get angry, he says, and will say things in writing they might not say in person.

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"I have a new song just wrote it on Sunday," says Mayer, "Because I was preparing for this [performance] going over notes, updating my notes, and it dawned on me bullying would stop if we did three things. Zip my lip, keep my limbs to myself and don't hit send. That's it. That's it!"

Mayer says he plans to perform the song in Friday's "Uncle Jim Live" concert, and hopes it will help send the message to kids to think before they act, and consider how their words and actions will affect others.

That performance -- which is being called a rally -- will begin at 7:00pm Friday at the theater at Morse High School on High Street in Bath.




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