Relief sought as grim fishing year approaches

8:06 PM, Apr 14, 2013   |    comments
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BOSTON (AP) - New England's fishing industry is nearing the start of what's almost certain to be a grim year, and there's little hint that real relief from ruinous cuts in catch limits is coming.

But regulators and fishermen are still seeking ways to lessen the pain.

In recent months, federal regulators have pushed several measures to give fishermen more fish to catch by the May 1 start of the 2013 fishing year.

Meanwhile, fishing groups and lawmakers are lobbying hard for changes that would make year-to-year cuts in certain species less severe.

As time grows short, Gloucester's Al Cottone says he and his fellow fishermen seem to be facing the future in a sort of daze. He says they're in denial, waiting for someone to "come in on their white horse and save us."


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