Attorneys make their final arguments in the Michael Jackson wrongful death

4:13 PM, Sep 26, 2013   |    comments
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LOS ANGELES, California (NBC NEWS) -- The Michael Jackson wrongful death trial goes to the jury today.

Attorneys for the singer's family, and for concert promoter AEG Live, are wrapping up two-and-half days of closing arguments.

It's the final hours of a 5-month long trial that focused on one main question: who hired the doctor who killed Michael Jackson?

Today, the attorney for the Jackson family had the final word.

"Are you going to let them get away with this," said Jackson family attorney Brian Panish.

Panish waged all out war against AEG Live with his final words to the jury, labeling the concert promoter's top executives as greedy, manipulative liars who repeatedly referred to Michael Jackson as a freak.

"They don't care about the individual, all they care about is how much is the freak's going to make for them, that's all they care about," Panish said.

At issue in this civil trial is who hired Dr. Conrad Murray, who is in prison for the singer's overdose death from Propofol.

On Tuesday, attorney Panish displayed smoking gun emails and interviews from AEG Live executives that appeared to show Murray was a company hire.

"Why are they getting involved in MJ's health care. Why are they even getting involved," said Panish.

But yesterday, AEG Live's lead attorney said the company never even entered into a contract with Murray.

Marvin Putnam argued that Jackson hired Murray directly, after shopping around for doctors he could control.

Putnam said AEG Live couldn't have known what Jackson was doing in his private home and what's more, the singer was already on a self-destructive path.

"The sad truth is Mr. Jackson's death was caused by his choices and would have happened without AEG Live," said Putnam.

Now, the jury must decide if AEG Live should pay damages that could exceed a billion dollars.

Because this is a civil trial, only 9 members of the jury have to reach a unanimous decision.

If they decide to side with the Jackson family, is it completely up to the jury what amount they want to award?

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