Working from home a thing of the past?

12:26 PM, Mar 1, 2013   |    comments
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(NBC News) -- Despite what you may have heard, that "work-from-home" policies might be falling out of favor with American employers, it's still a popular perk at some companies.

Even though Yahoo has decided to bring all of its work-from-home employees back into the office starting in June, don't expect a stampede of companies to follow suit because the policy is popular.

"It does offer, for a lot of workers, flexibility with respect to their time schedule and, again, perhaps for some people who work part-time or for family situations, it's a good option," said John Silva, Chief Economist at Wells Fargo.

As a work-from-home employee, though, Melissa Potvin isn't at all happy with the decision by Yahoo CEO Marissa Mayer to halt working from home.

"I really feel like she took us backwards. It's antiquated, especially for a woman at the helm of a high tech company. It's just backwards," said Potvin.

Some workforce experts are also shocked.

"Especially since we work in such a hyper connected world where people can plug in at anytime and anywhere and get work done," states VP of Global Diversity & Workplace Flexibility Shirley Davis Sheppard.

Yahoo's decision has renewed the debate about working-from-home, which some say isn't always ideal.

Take for instance Regina Lewis, USA Today contributor, "I mean you are perpetually distracted ! Working at home is great were it not for the kids, the dog, the home repairman calling your name. So, that is the number one risk is far and away...distraction!"

Still, about half the companies in the country allow telecommuting or flex work plans.

"But it doesn't work everywhere, particularly where there's a lot of interaction between co-workers and information has to be exchanged at meetings," said John Silvia.

Which are the reasons given by yahoo for dumping its work-from-home policy.

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