Winter storm pushes across midwest

2:46 PM, Feb 27, 2013   |    comments
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(NBCNC) - As the latest winter storm continues it's slow march east millions are beginning to clean up and clear out the mess it's left across the South and Midwest.

Snow, stretches for miles across the plains right now, mountains of thick, wet powder.

It's slowly being pushed, shoveled and scraped away.

The sun is finally shining in Wichita after two  major storms in four days.

21-inches of snow fell on the city, a record for the month of February.

Families are finally getting the chance to start digging out.

What's left behind is still causing major problems across the region.

Drifts still are piled-up on cars and houses.

Reporter Garrett Haake, from the NBC affiliate in Kansas City,  captured the destructive weight of the stacked-up snow during one report when the roof of a building behind him came tumbling down.

The roof also fell in on an arena in Kansas.

The violent weather system dropping snow across the Midwest is also soaking the South.

Flood waters are swallowing neighborhoods in Florida, making it difficult and in some places impossible to get around.

Wind even whipped up a water spout in Tampa Bay, and gusts over 50-miles an hour pushed flames from house-to-house one San Antonio neighborhood, and also made it tough for fire fighters to contain a blaze at an apartment complex where 16 units were destroyed.


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