Increased mobile usage could lead to data traffic jam

3:29 PM, Jan 28, 2013   |    comments
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(NBCNC) - Maybe you've noticed the internet connection from your smartphone has gotten slower. 

It may get worse. 

Smartphones have outpaced other mobile devices in the duel over data.  

"For the first time ever we're seeing smartphone devices demanding more data than the tablets," says Michael Flanagan, Arieso chief technical officer.  

Now analysts estimate the upward trend in mobile data use among smartphone users will outpace network capacity in the next three years

This means connection speeds could soon slow to a crawl.

Kurt Roemer at Citrix says that as more people use smartphones the way they use to use their tablet computers networks will suffer congestion just as physical roads do during rush hours and blames mobile video-watching.

"Yea people are uploading videos and pictures quite a bit because that's how they're documenting their lives and that's how they're sharing with other people what they're doing," says Kurt Roemer, Citrix chief security strategist.

Critics say there's only so much wireless bandwidth out there and it is not growing fast enough.


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