Tracking Hurricane Sandy's path

4:04 PM, Oct 24, 2012   |    comments
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(WHDH) - A close watch is being kept on Hurricane Sandy as it makes its way northward.

If the storm hits New England, it could be near Halloween; eerily close to the anniversary of the "Perfect Storm" in 1991.

The storm headed toward New England has some worried about the worst.

"It could be Nor'easter on steroids," said Robert Thompson of National Weather Service.

The National Weather Service is already warning commercial fishermen who are going out for a long period of time to closely monitor the weather in the next week.

By next Monday, Sandy could hit New England and it's unclear how strong she'll be by then.

"It's got the potential to rival the great Nor'easters of the past depending upon the eventual track it takes," said Thompson.

It was just one year ago a Nor'easter brought heavy rain and deep snow in parts of New England.

This storm will likely hit around the 21st anniversary of the infamous "Perfect Storm," the Halloween Nor'easter that took the lives of six Gloucester fishermen.

In Gloucester on Tuesday no one seemed nervous about a repeat storm.

"So what? It's a storm. Deal with it," said one man.

Most say they'll wait until it gets closer before they decide how to react.

"My dad always taught me you're better safe than sorry. So if you're not sure, get the hell out," said another man.

Whether New England gets walloped or just a glancing blow, the National Weather Service believes people should brace for something.

"With almost any of the scenarios we're looking at, we're probably going to be seeing some high seas and probably rough surf," Thompson said.

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