What "syndrome" did Patty Hearst claim as the cause of her crime spree?

6:36 AM, Sep 18, 2013   |    comments
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d. Stockholm

The term "Stockholm Syndrome" was coined in response to a bank heist in Sweden in 1973 that saw the hostages come to sympathize with their captors over the course of several days in captivity.

Patty Hearst was caught on Sept. 18, 1975, bringing an end to her crime spree with the Symbionese Liberation Army.  She'd been kidnapped by the group a year earlier and claimed they had brainwashed her.

The jury in Hearst's trial didn't buy Stockholm Syndrome as a valid excuse for her behavior and they found her guilty of bank robbery. She was sentenced to seven years in prison, but served less than two after Pres. Carter commuted her sentence.  She later got a full pardon from Pres. Clinton.


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