Event helps Greater Bangor residents manage their budgets

8:04 PM, Mar 15, 2014   |    comments
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BANGOR, Maine (NEWS CENTER)-- People in the greater Bangor area had the chance to learn how to better budget their money today. Stretch Your Dollar Day was held at the University of Maine at Augusta campus in Bangor.

"Just trying to learn a little bit more about money management and how to grocery shop better and find a way to maybe live on a lesser income than I'm used to."

Amber Harvey is a working mom who spent her saturday learning how to improve her family's budget. She now understands the value of collecting coupons and cutting down her grocery bill- both of which can make a big difference in her savings account.

"I'm forty six, I'm not going to be able to work forever. And it's time to start thinking about the future a little bit more than I had. So, time to save ," she said.

Saturday's event was designed to help those who are unemployed because of a disability find work again- without losing their disability benefits. The event also featured several workshops to provide tips and tricks to save more money.

Theresa Mudgett, Disability Employment Initiative Coordinator said, "I think it's much better to give people a hand up than a hand out. And that's what this Stretch Your Dollar Day does, it gives you a hand up so that people can help themselves."

Helping people help themselves to find work and prepare for a better future.

"Feels good! You know, you go home at night and you say you know what, there a person out there that's working that wasn't working at eight o'clock this morning and there's an employer that's got a qualified employee so it's a win win," said Mike Johnson, Career Center Consultant with the Maine Department of Labor at the Tri-County Career Center.

The next Stretch Your Dollar Day will be held April 12th in Dover Foxcroft. For details visit http://www.emdc.org/page/961/events



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