Snow Storm knocks out power in Penobscot County and surrounding areas

6:44 PM, Mar 13, 2014   |    comments
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GLENBURN, Maine (NEWS CENTER)-- Last night's snow storm caused frustration for some more so than others. More than 6,700 Emera customers to lose power, more than 6,200 of those customers are in Penobscot County. Many of those people are still without power today.

Not only did we see snow last night, it didn't stop when today came either. On top of snow filled winds and messy roads, many local Mainers were without power. Some of them lost it as early as seven o'clock last night, leaving their houses dark and cold.

Emera Maine crews were spread out all over Penobscot County today trying to turn the power back on. Downed power lines were one issue, cars sliding off icy roads and into utility poles were another. Here you can see one crew stabilizing a battered utility pole after a pick-up truck lost control and hit it. Workers have been out since four o'clock this morning trying to clear the streets of any live wires and doing there best to bring heat back into those chilly homes. Glenburn resident Janet Blodgett was one of the many in her neighborhood to lose power last night, but she puts her faith in Emera to fix the problem and says she isn't frustrated with how long they need to take.

"No not really, I think they all work hard. I wouldn't want their job. I think think they're doing a pretty good job," Blodgett says.

Upon our last check with Emera Maine earlier Thursday evening, the number of homes without power is estimated to be down to 817. Eight hundred and two of those homes are in Penobscot County and the other 15 are in Northern Penobscot and Piscataquis County.



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