Crews respond to gas leak in Portsmouth

6:44 PM, Mar 13, 2014   |    comments
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PORTSMOUTH, New Hampshire (NEWS CENTER) - A gas leak at a business forced the closure of a section of Route One and the evacuation of the surrounding area Thursday.

A quick thinking employee called the fire department as soon he smelled the gas and fire crews managed to get the situation under control.

That worker at Allen Wayside Furniture smelled a strong odor of gas when he arrived on the job this morning just after 830. When the first crews arrived there were high levels of natural gas in the building. Power and all utilities to the building were shutdown.
Fire officials determined that a heater inside the building became dislodged from the gas supply pipe filling the building with gas.
Fire officials responding said Yesterday's gas related explosion in New York was on their minds as they arrived at the scene.
"You have to. You have to take it all seriously because you don't know what the situation is. You don't know where it's coming from and until you do the meter readings and actually determine what the level of danger is in the building, you treat everything as if it's worst-case", said Portsmouth Deputy Chief Carl Roediger.
Fire crews had the situation under control within a couple hours. No one was hurt. The business was still closed early this afternoon while the building was being aired out.



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