Fake gun bill

9:02 PM, Feb 21, 2014   |    comments
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BANGOR, Maine (NEWS CENTER) -- We all want to make sure our schools are safe places for our children, but some believe a bill before Maine lawmakers to make it a crime to bring a fake gun to school was overreaching.

The education committee was largely unconvinced that having a student become charged with a crime would help the problem. After an incident last year, at Traip Academy in Kittery with a student bringing a fake firearm to school the Kittery Police Department put forth a bill that would make it a crime to bring a replica or simulated firearm to school.

But, the bill was shot down. Supporters said, this bill is in effort to protect these students by having them go into the criminal justice system, so they can receive counseling. The majority of the education committee and representative, Joyce Maker said law enforcement isn't the answer.

"The problem that we have today is that schools don't have a lot of money. If i had a lot of extra money I would have a social worker in every school."

Maker believes these 'at risk' students need special services, so they can express themselves. Also, officials said the majority of the time risky behaviors starts when other students bully that student.


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