New program off sets cost of pellet boilers

8:42 PM, Feb 21, 2014   |    comments
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FARMINGTON, Maine (NEWS CENTER) -- Grant money is being made available to help homeowners ditch their oil furnace andget one that burns wood pellets instead.

One of the programs using that grant money is the "Model Neighborhood Project" which is now working with homeowners in Farmington and Wilton get up to 8-thousand dollars in rebates to install a wood pellet boiler.

 Right now, wood pellets are providing the same amount of heat for anywhere between 40 to 50-percent lower than oil. Richard Wilde of Farmington, is one of the first homeowners to take advantage of the program.

He got more than 6-thousand dollars in rebates to offset the installation cost of his wood pellet boiler system... which cost a little more than 19-thousand dollars. Wilde says, in January alone, he saved 268-dollars in fuel costs.

'Everybody is trying to save money. This was really a good idea, it looks like we will be saving about 12-hundred dollars a year putting this in,' said Wilde.

Homeowners in the Farmington and Wilton areas who are interested in taking advantage of the Model Neighborhood Project can contact Gabe Perkins at or 207-217-7262.

You can also get more information at Residents who live outside of these communities can go to

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