Two bodies found in rubble after a house fire in Sumner

7:26 PM, Feb 12, 2014   |    comments
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OXFORD COUNTY, Maine (NEWS CENTER) -- Fire officials have found two bodies in the rubble of a house fire in Sumner. 

Officials have taken the bodies to the Medical Examiner's office for identification. The victims are believed to be 52-year-old Robert Keach and his 60-year old sister, Della Keach, who have lived in the home for decades.

A neighbor reported the house fire about 10:30 pm Tuesday. Crews from six different towns responded to the fire, which they described as a "fireball."  Crews had a hard time putting the fire out, due to insufficient water supplies as well as ice build up on their equipment due to the temperature.

The fire flattened the house, which is on Barrows Road, off Route 219 in Sumner. A fire investigators team used an excavator to search the rubble, which had about two inches of ice on it.

Fire investigators say determining the cause of the fire will be difficult because of the extensive damage.  The home was primarily headed by a wood stove and there is no indication that there were working smoke detectors.


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