Medical marijuana advocates seek to tap mill workers to be caregivers

8:08 PM, Feb 3, 2014   |    comments
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AUGUSTA, Maine (NEWS CENTER) --- Dozens of people who've been laid off from a mill in Lincoln are looking for work, but here's a job they probably hadn't considered: growing medical marijuana.

Medical Marijuana Caregivers of Maine hosted a meeting in Lincoln on Monday night. Organizers say 57 people attended. The group represents medical marijuana patients and caregivers around the state and it's now looking to see if former workers at Lincoln Paper and Tissue want to pursue careers growing pot.

Late last year more than 200 employees at Lincoln Paper & Tissue lost their jobs when the company cut backs its operations.

Paul McCarrier of Medical Marijuana Caregivers of Maine says there's a great demand for caregivers in the Lincoln region because the nearest medical marijuana dispensary is in Brewer. McCarrier says on average caregivers are paid well and earn up to $50,000 a year for supplying five patients.

"Ya know marijuana is a very hot topic on the national level," he said, "and with legalization coming we know a lot of people want to have some experience with the plant....ya know medicinally before it goes recreational."

McCarrier says after going through state procedure, interested caregivers could be up and running in the coming months. Lincoln town officials didn't offer any comment on Monday's meeting.


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