Lawmakers take up repeat offender OUI bill

8:01 PM, Feb 3, 2014   |    comments
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AUGUSTA, Maine (NEWS CENTER) - Lawmakers took up a bill today that targets repeat offenders who get behind the wheel while drunk.

The most recent statistics from the Bureau of Motor Vehicles show that 25-percent of people arrested for OUI have been arrested for the same offense before.

Under Maine law a person convicted of operating under the influence has their record wiped clean if they don't commit another offense within a 10-year period. For some in law enforcement that can be frustrating. Tim Marks is a former Maine State Trooper who is now a State Representative in the Legislature. He is sponsor of a bill that would keep the first OUI on a person's record for 15-years.

"I would bring someone in and it would be 10 years and three months. I'm thinking it's the second offense but it's their first offense", said Marks (D) Pittston.

Marks says his goal isn't to put more people behind bars but to require more OUI offenders to use interlock devices in their vehicles. It's basically a breathalyzer that won't allow a person to drive their car if they have been drinking.















































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