Man recalls ordeal of crawling to safety with a broken leg

7:26 PM, Jan 27, 2014   |    comments
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MEXICO, Maine (NEWS CENTER) - Imagine being stuck on a hill with a broken leg, in frigid temperatures with snow falling. That's how Nick Brown found himself in the dark of night, alone.

A snowmobile accident left him in that predicament. Instead of panicking, Brown remained calm and managed to crawl and drag himself to safety.

"I just walked on my hands and knees almost like a monkey or gorilla. the guys at work they joke with me. They call me silverback", Brown said.

He can joke about it now as he sits in his living room looking across at the stuffed monkey his co-workers sent him. But the night of Thursday January 16th was no laughing matter. Brown had gone up Thompson Hill in Mexico to his snowmobile clubhouse. At about 9 O'clock on his way back down his sled hit a patch of ice going around a corner and fell on top of him, leaving Brown with a broken leg. Unable to get the snowmobile upright he was hoping a fellow snowmobiler would ride by and see him, but no one came.

"After sitting there for a while and it was snowing that night, I said well nobody's going to be coming for me so I better get myself out of here", he said.

With the temperature hovering around 24-degrees, Brown proceeded to crawl down the hill using his knuckles and knees, while dragging his broken leg.

"I was soaking wet, you know, my suit from dragging myself on the road. My knees were also soaking wet", he said.

A few hours into his journey Brown made it to a farmhouse.

"When I get down to the road area and went up to the Farmhouse I thought for sure that was the end of my travels", he said.

After yelling as loud as he could it became clear no one was home.

It was about 3:30 in the morning. After 6-hours and a more than a mile and a half, Brown finally made it to a friend's house."

"Who's out there? I said it's Nick, Nick Brown. So he comes out, what happened he said. I told him about my snowmobile accident", Brown said.

As he looks back on his ordeal, Nick Brown is pleased with the decisions he made that night, but not pleased with the fact that he now has to lay low while his leg heals. With fresh powder on the ground he's anxious to get back on his sled.

"Oh yeah, I'll be out sooner than my wife wants me to be out."











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