Speed painter uses art to draw kids in to hear his inspirational message

6:21 PM, Jan 24, 2014   |    comments
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  • KENNEBUNK, Maine (NEWS CENTER) -- Rob Surette has wowed audiences around the globe with his portraits, many which he paints in less than five minutes, but his true passion is not art, but motivating kids to believe in themselves.

    "If they truly do that, I think their lives can be different and better," he explained. 

    "Your dreams don't come true over night, you have to work towards them, but don't feel like it is hard work, because that is what the world will tell you is you have to work hard," said Surette.  "To me, my success, it was enjoyable all those years."

    Surette has achieved a lot in his 21 years spent painting and speaking, and has been featured on several national TV shows, but he says being able to make a splash on the blank canvass that is the mind of a child is what motivates him.  He says his artwork is the way he lures kids in to keep their attention and deliver his message.

    "I wanted to be a public speaker, I wanted to be a motivational speaker, I wanted to get in front of a bunch of kids and speak on a microphone and tell them to believe in themselves and to inspire them and reach their hearts," he said. 

    He says he followed his heart and it made his dreams come true, now he is hoping that his inspirational presentation will encourage others that they can do the same.

    "We are trying to set them up for a life of fulfillment, that is all it is," stated Surette.

    Rob Surette's visit to the Sea Road School in Kennebunk was the first time he has performed for a school group in Maine, but he is already making plans to return soon.


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