Flood watch across Maine

8:44 PM, Jan 12, 2014   |    comments
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Fort Fairfield -- April 6 -- Courtesy: Maine Warden Service

(NEWS CENTER) -- The National Weather Service has issued a flood watch for the entire state. Currently, there is no flooding.

As temperatures remain above freezing, ice melts and drifts along Maine's rivers. If the ice accumulates at the river's dam causing water to rise, there's a possibilty of flooding roads and nearby homes.

No rivers in Maine are currently at flood stage, according to Margaret Curtis of the National Weather Service. She is keeping an eye on the Carrabasset River in North Anson because the water level jumped about a foot in the last hour, she said. "Sudden jumps are typical of ice situations. Rivers can change rapidly."

Residents living near a river should take caution when fishing or ice fishing. "It could suddenly jump several feet," says Curtis. "Stay back from the river."

There have been reports of ice movement along the Swift River in Roxbury, ME.

The Temigewasset River in Plymouth, New Hampshire is currently above flood stage. Plymouth had more rain accumulation than Maine, says Curtis. The river is holding at 15ft and so there's reason to believe there's an ice jam there.

All of Maine's rivers are still well below flood stage.

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