Slippery ice conditions wreak havoc for drivers

9:17 PM, Jan 11, 2014   |    comments
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BANGOR, Maine (NEWS CENTER) -- Roads in and around Bangor were treacherous, with hundreds of accidents reported and several road closures Saturday.

Cars tried to maneuver around on what seemed more like ice rinks instead of streets. Freezing rain made both walking on side walks and driving next to impossible. Marla Saliba wished she had stayed home after getting stuck on Park Street Hill in Bangor.

"Just came up this hill instead of State Street Hill thinking it would be better and it's all ice," said Saliba. "I didn't pay attention. I should of stayed home."

Traveling by air also posed its dangers. Bangor International Airport reported a Delta flight from LaGuardia skid off the taxiway on it's way to the terminal. No damage or injuries were reported. That incident, combined with the grounding of around 325 military troops returning home, made for alot of frustrations.

"They want to go home of course, but they know what the weather was like and safety wise this is the best option for them," said Maine Troop Greeter, Cheryl Lare.  

With so many vehicles off the road during the day, Bangor Police asked everyone to stay home if they could. Lt. Thomas Reagan said that nearly 200 calls had come into dispatch before noon.

"The road conditions are treacherous," said Lt. Reagan. It came on us very quick."

Bangor Residents are urged to call the regular dispatch number of 947-7384 for non-emergency calls instead of using 911, which should continue to be used for emergencies only.


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