Generous act saves Christmas for Eddington family

7:27 PM, Jan 10, 2014   |    comments
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BANGOR, Maine (NEWS CENTER) --- During the ice storm that hammered parts of the state last month, one lucky family in Eddington had their Christmas saved thanks to some quick support and kindness.

Like many people Robyn Frick and his wife Cindy lost power to their home during the ice storm that hit before Christmas. Even worse they were having a lot of their family over for the holiday and were left with no way to cook or keep warm.

The Fricks contacted NES Rentals in Bangor looking for a generator. Staff there held the last one in stock for them until they could come by to pick it up.

That saved Christmas for the family but the story gets better. The Fricks say when they came back looking to pay for the rental the company charged them nothing and simply wished them a Merry Christmas.

The couple says that generosity truly made the season shine  even though their lights were out.

"This Christmas is going to stick out because we'll always talk about the Christmas when we had no power and the people at NES who were so good to us," said Cindy Frick, "and its really gonna shine even though it could have gone the other way."

Officials with NES Rentals say they were happy to provide the generator. They say they also got some holiday cheer. The Fricks brought them a card and some homemade cookies when they came to pick up the generator.

Staff said they were so touched by that gesture it was easy to not charge the family anything.


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