A Florida hair and scalp laser clinic is helping chemotherapy patients

2:23 PM, Nov 1, 2013   |    comments
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CLEARWATER, Florida (WFLA) -- Losing thick locks of hair can be devastating to women undergoing chemo therapy to fight breast cancer, but a Tampa Bay area man, who is a pioneer in the hair loss industry, is lending a helping hand.

John Satino of the Hair and Scalp Laser Clinic in Clearwater says low level laser treatments can help people dealing with hair loss, or it can promote more growth. He's helping patients undergoing through chemotherapy with the FDA cleared NASA technology.

"What we use it for prior to a cancer treatment is to try and get the hair to grow as much as it possibly can, and as thick as we possibly get it before treatments," Satino said.

He went on to explain that hair follicles multiply six times faster than in other parts of the body, but chemo drugs can block that cellular activity causing hair to thin or fall out.

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