Search finished in Oakland; still no sign of Ayla Reynolds

6:27 PM, Oct 23, 2013   |    comments
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OAKLAND, Maine (NEWS CENTER) - The search for Ayla Reynolds led police to a wooded area in the town of Oakland. One town and several miles away from the Waterville home were The toddler was last seen back in December 2011.

Using dogs game wardens did a grid search of the woods. Across the street divers searched a pond. After spending the morning here investigators found nothing.

"The update is we did not find Ayla. This is another of a series of searches that we have conducted and this will not be the last one", said Public Safety Spokesman Steve McCausland.

Police said long-ago it's unlikely the little girl will be found alive. Recently the toddler's mother Trista Reynolds tried to turn the heat up on investigators by releasing some of the information that they gave her. Information that was not made public. She said investigator showed her photographs that contained a lot of blood. Some of it was on Ayla's slippers and some was on a doll. Police say they understand her frustration, but their mission is the same now as when they started this investigation.
"Thousands and thousands of investigative hours have been devoted to this case and we're not over till we find her," McCausland said.

Police say say both Ayla's mother and father were informed of their plan to search the area in Oakland.

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