Green Outdoors: Camping closes at Baxter State Park

7:34 PM, Oct 14, 2013   |    comments
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MILLINOCKET, Maine (NEWS CENTER) -- Camping closes on October 15 at Baxter State Park. This causes a problem for through-hikers who have not finished the Appalachian Trail as they have to make other arrangements on their night on the trail.

"It's too far for most folks to do comfortably in a day," said Jensen Bissell who is the Director of Baxter State Park.  "They'd like to leave from Katahdin Stream and complete their hike, five miles up and five miles down."

Bissell says the park closes camping because winter weather is moving in.  While this season seems mild, October snow is not at all uncommon.  Also, the mountain starts to ice up as cold nights follow fall rains.

They are unable to make that determination on an annual basis with a weather report in hand because of budgets, which must be developed a year in advance.

The result is through-hikers entering the park and camping along the trail.  Dr. Seuss and Baby Face are two through hikers who summitted last week.  However, they said, "We do know quite a few people behind us and they're still going and it's going to be pretty hard to stop them," said Baby Face.  "Just putting up a sign, they're just going to walk around it.  This is a pretty big commitment."


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