Thousands of mink are released by activist from an Idaho mink farm

3:46 PM, Aug 2, 2013   |    comments
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DECLO, Idaho (KTVB) -- Ranchers are frustrated after an extreme animal rights group broke into a mink ranch in Declo, Idaho, and released thousands of animals from their cages.

Mark Moyle is the manager at the Moyle Mink Ranch. "I was downright upset!"

He found a surprising scene Monday morning. About 20 percent of his animals had been let loose from their cages. Some were still on the ranch, but many of those had run through holes in the outer fence.

"What they did is, they came in from the south side, cut that perimeter fence up on that side," said Moyle. "After they did that, they came in and opened up the pens over on this side here, six sheds of pens. That's 3,600 mink that escaped."

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