Activists rally at Montreal, Maine and Atlantic Railway Headquarters

7:44 PM, Jul 8, 2013   |    comments
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HERMON, Maine (NEWS CENTER) -- As a result of the tragic derailment in Quebec, protesters gathered at the Montreal Maine Atlantic Railway Headquarters in Hermon on Monday to hold a press conference sharing their views against the use of the railway for transporting fossil fuels.

Amongst the group were members of "Environmental Group 350 Maine" and "Maine Earth First". Some of them were among the same protesters who were arrested in Fairfield 12 days ago, trying to block similar train carrying oil from North Dakota.

These protesters know that there may not be a safe alternative when it comes to transporting fossil fuels, but they feel that the MMA Railway was not made to transfer oil when it comes to the amount being transported as well as the frequency, and they are calling for an inspection from the National Safety Transportation Board and the Federal Railroad Administration.

Protestors also believe that sequestration has also played a part in reasoning as to why the railway has not been upgraded, but they say the biggest issue was the recent spike in demand for oil.

"What we are experiencing is a gold rush in oil. That is the whole background as to why the rails being used so much in the last year, tripling the use of rails for this because there's not enough pipelines in place to carry the amount of oil that is coming through between alberta and North Dakota and it's greed. It's just plain corporate greed," said protester Nancy Galland.

As for what is next for this group of protesters, they are going to try to reach out the people of Lac-Magantic in an effort to find out what they need and try to rally the people of this region to meet that need.

They say they may send a delegation and that they are very interested in building solidarity across borders on this issue.


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