Tread lightly on your next ATV trip

1:31 PM, May 24, 2013   |    comments
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  • LEBANON, Maine (NEWS CENTER) -  The folks who build the ATV trails in the Maine woods are hard at work right now, cutting branches and building bridges. They're trying the best they can to keep land owners happy. That last one isn't always easy but one volunteer group is doing it's best by keeping their trail system as green as possible.

    Lee Nelson had a chance to rev-up an ATV and go ridin with the Southern Maine ATV Club recently. He says it was pretty eye opening.

      Lee didn't realize how fun risding was. He was on the trail system that runs through the woods of Lebanon and Berwick. Ed, Mike and Bill are three of the club's officers. They were keeping the trail free of branches when we caught up with them.

        Every year these guys and other volunteers put in hundreds of hours making sure the trail system is neat and clean. But not everyone who uses these trails is as considerate.

    Ed says: "The trucks get in in the wet season and they do far more damage than any atv or snowmobile or anything else ever does. And the first thing the land owner wants to do is shut his property off. Completely? Yah. And that hurts everybody."

      Another huge problem is trash. Club members pick up trash all the time. Only to see it return.

       In response, the Southern Maine ATV Club is pushing their new program. It's called Tread Lightly. They're asking everyone to leave as little evidence of their trip down the trails as possible. And it's not just the truckers they're targeting, It's anyone who doesn't follow the rules.

      The Southern Maine ATV club has a charity ride scheduled for July 13th. It's in memory of local landowner John Sewell... And all the proceeds will go to the Make-a-wish foundation in John's name.














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