Sen. Angus King surveys fire damage in Lewiston

5:11 PM, May 17, 2013   |    comments
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LEWISTON, Maine (NEWS CENTER) -- Senator Angus King was in Lewiston Friday, touring the rubble of the three fires set in the city over the course of just one week.

All of those fires either were set in or spread to condemned and vacant buildings, and Lewiston officials are hoping for federal aid to help tear down the large number of other condemned buildings in the city.

Senator King isn't making any promises. But he said Maine's whole congressional delegation is trying to match Lewiston's needs with a variety of federal programs.

Deputy City Administrator Phil Nadeau says Lewiston's short term demolition costs are 2 to 3 million dollars, and the city also wants to do some planning work on how to revitalize this part of town.

Senator King says so far, his office hasn't found a federal program that can help. He said, "I can't promise anything, because most of these funds are for specific kinds of grants for particular projects, whether we can find anything that can help. but we're certainly going to try."

Senator King also visited with members of Lewiston's Police Department earlier in the day, praising them for their work day in and day out.


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