SNL: Changing Faces

1:15 PM, Apr 30, 2013   |    comments
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(NBC Universal Direct)  Ever wonder how the cast of SNL transforms into all those different characters with funky hairstyles and masks and facial features? 

Well, allow us to introduce Louie Zakarian, the makeup and special effects artist on "Saturday Night Live." 

He's been with SNL since 1997 creating the different looks you see every Saturday night on NBC, and he's even won two Primtetime Emmys for his work. 

We decided to put Louie's skills to the test, so we had him transform our NBCU Direct host Janine Brady into something outrageous (and much less beautiful) - the witch from Snow White. 

You'll never believe what the final product turned out to be! 

We admit - it freaked us out to see Janine age into a scary old witch right before our eyes. 

NBC Universal Direct

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