Rainy start but a nice weekend overall

7:29 AM, Apr 20, 2013   |    comments
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I texted a meteorologist friend who lives in Belmont (one of the towns that was in lockdown) yesterday afternoon to see how he was doing with the manhunt nearby. His response, "I'm fine. So annoyed I'm missing this nice day stuck inside. You know how often we get a 75 F day without a sea breeze in April!?"

This is how weather weenies think. It's a sickness...a gift and a curse all rolled into one.

Today: Most of the state is starting the day with light to moderate rain that began late last night. The good news is this rain is associated with a cold front that is racing rapidly eastward (as opposed to racing slowly :-)). As a result the back edge of the steadier precipitation has already cleared western Maine and clearing will continue from southwest to northeast through the morning. It looks to me like southern Maine will break into some sunshine by late morning, the Midcoast will wait until noon or so with Downeast and northern Maine remaining cloudy until 1-2 PM.  By the afternoon, the entire state will end up with a pretty even mixture of sun and clouds with dry air spilling in from the west. High temperatures will top out around 55 to 60 F as the true cooler air associated with the morning cold front will lag behind until this evening. West winds will be strong, by the way, with gusts up to 30 MPH statewide.

Tonight: As the cooler air spills in look for rapidly falling temperatures early this evening. In fact most of the state will see overnight lows in the upper 20s, decidedly cool for late April. The surge of colder air could produce some mountain snow showers from 8 PM to 11 PM, so don't be shocked to see a few flakes there. The rest of the state will be mostly clear.

Sunday: With high pressure building in from the west, Sunday's forecast is a no brainer. Look for mostly sunny skies from start to finish. The winds will still be a bit breezy out of the west but that will actually act to fight off the sea breeze from kicking in...a positive for coastal communities. The airmass IS cooler behind the front however so look for high temperatures from the upper 40s to low 50s.

High pressure will remain in place on Monday, leading to another mostly sunny day with high temperatures in the 48-53 F range.

Computer models originally indicated a coastal low would bring us rain on Tuesday, but they've since pushed that low offshore. At this point I'll leave in a chance for showers due to the proximity of the low and a likely onshore flow, but I might be able to drop the mention of precipitation by tomorrow if the model trend continues.

Big Picture: All and all our pattern looks pretty...typical. Temperatures hover around average during the day and we get hit with a cold frontal passage every 2-3 days days, followed by a ridge of high pressure with sunshine. There's no big troughing or ridging in the jetsteam, so big heat or bitter cold are out of the question.The only thing I noticed is that overnight lows will be unusually cold when those ridges of high pressure crest overhead. Still, no big deal.

By the way, my text response to the trapped weather weenie in Belmont: "Sure it's unusual. But is it MORE unsual than a massive manhunt in your backyard? Stay inside you idiot. Carson FTW"


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