Former Hostess worker from Kansas speaks in Maine

10:49 PM, Apr 3, 2013   |    comments
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PORTLAND, Maine (NEWS CENTER) -- A former Hostess employee from Kansas traveled to Maine to give people an inside look at how the Baker's Union decided to strike, despite warnings that the plants would close as a result.

In the midst of the strike, Mike Hummell wrote a blog that quickly went viral. It captured the attention of media outlets, and the 14-year Hostess worker started sharing his story under the glare of the national media spotlight.

In his time at the company he experienced a 14 thousand dollar decrease in pay, and losing the money he contributed to the pension fund when Hostess diverted it back to company operations. He believes that Hostess offered the final deal to the unions, knowing that they would never accept it, and that move allowed the company to sell the brands for more money.

"When they presented this offer that was so bad that no one in good conscience could take it, because you'd be living in poverty and working ridiculous bakery hours, you know with split days off and all that, and you'd have nothing to show for it" Hummell said.

Hostess declined to comment on Hummel's presentation.
















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