Questions arise about 2013 season for the Pirates

12:06 AM, Mar 29, 2013   |    comments
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PORTLAND (NEWS CENTER) - If losing 8 out of 11 games and jeopardizing a postseason appearance wasn't bad enough for Pirates ownership, they look destined to lose even more home games next season at the Cumberland County Civic Center due to their $33 million renovation.

Phase II of the Civic Center reconstruction was initially scheduled to take place April 22nd.  However, if Portland were to make the playoffs, owner Brian Petrovek has said he'd prefer to have those games in Portland as opposed to the Collisee in Lewiston.   As a result, mobilization and logistics would prevent the next step from beginning until mid-June.  So, instead of having a project completion date of early October, the remodeling might not be finished until mid January.  Further complicating matters is the lease between the Pirates and the Civic Center that expires on April 30th.  In an article written by Chris Roy of the Maine Hockey Journal, Petrovek discussed the possibility of relocating the franchise as a last resort.  The Chairman of the Civic Center trustees Neal Pratt spoke on behalf of those representing the venue concerning the upcoming deadline. 

"If we're able to work out a deal that works with the taxpayers and also works with the hockey team, that's the best case scenario.  That's I think everybody's objective.  If we can't, we are not going to give in and make less than a reasonable deal for the taxpayers in order just to keep a hockey team here for the sake of saying that we kept the hockey team here.  We're going to do this right and we're going to do it responsibly."

Pratt said Cianbro, the firm responsible for the renovations is on standby and will do their best to pivot the upcoming Phase II

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