Planning board in Searsport begins talks on tank project

7:38 PM, Mar 27, 2013   |    comments
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SEARSPORT, Maine (NEWS CENTER) --- After months of public hearings, officials in Searsport have started discussions on whether to issue a permit to a company looking to build a massive propane tank on Mack Point.

D.C.P. Midstream, which is based in Denver, wants to build the tank to import liquefied propane gas into the U.S. The company says the project will create jobs but their plan has drawn much backlash. On Wednesday night, those for and against the tank got one last chance to speak their minds.

Since last year Searsport has had 11 public hearings on D.C.P.'s permit application for the tank. Arguments for and against it have been heard by members of the town's planning board.

The group against the project is 'Thanks But No Tank.' It is made up area busiess and property owners who say they don't want to see the tank from their backyards. They also feel the project will impact tourism, increase traffic through Searsport and destory the character of their town.

"We would like to have development that is harmonious with the rest of the town," said Tom Gocze, whose property on Long Cove would directly face the tank site, "There's no reason that we need to have development in this town that demeans the town and diminishes it."

"The numbers in Searsport are for this project," said Roz Elliott, "and they understand it. It's the people who really haven't been close to it and really don't understand and haven't been listening that have been critical."

Wednesday's meeting will begin at 6:30 p.m. at Union Hall in Searsport. Certain groups will be able to make their final remarks before talks begin.

Members of 'Thanks but no Tank' says even if the permit is approved, they will not be giving up as they are already intending to file an appeal with the town.


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