Outpouring of support helps shelter care for crush of animals

6:30 PM, Mar 27, 2013   |    comments
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FARMINGTON, Maine (NEWS CENTER) -- When the Franklin County Animal Shelter took in seventy-five dogs and twenty birds seized during an investigation into an illegal breeding kennel, staff members were overwhelmed with work.

The seventy-five dogs they received on March 14th is about a quarter of the total number of dogs the shelter cares for in an average year, so it put a serious strain on their resources. 

As word of their situation spread throughout the community, people began dropping off supplies and money to help the shelter provide food and medical care to the animals.

Now there are rooms full of supplies waiting at the ready to help the staff focus on getting the animals back on their feet.

"It is crazy in here right now only because we have so many donations," explained animal care tech Billie Jo McDonald.  "We will take anything just because we have so many dogs right now."

"It is awesome to not have to worry about that part and we can completely focus on giving the dogs everything that they need," she added.  "We hoped that it would happen, but we didn't expect it would happen the way that it has."

McDonald says everything they have received to help the animals will be put to use, and believes they will need even more donations to continued to care for the animals until a court decides where they belong.

It could take several weeks before the shelter finds out what they can do with the animals.  For now the staff is caring for them, nursing them back to health, and must wait until a possesion hearing scheduled for May 10th before they will know if the dogs and birds can be placed in homes.

The Franklin County District Attorney's Office is investigating the circumstances that lead the animals to be removed from a trailer in Wilton.  So far no criminal charges have been filed against the home owner.


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