Turnpike remains clear despite persistent storm

2:26 PM, Mar 19, 2013   |    comments
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KENNEBUNK, Maine (NEWS CENTER) -- Eight hours after the storm began, the Maine Turnpike was mostly clear of slush and snow.  A few wet spots were slick, but overall, the brine that was used to pretreat the roads kept them safe.

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Brine is salt dissolved in water and greatly reduces the amount of real salt used during the storm.  It also lessens the damage to your car and prevents the roads from getting too slippery. 

With snow coming down 1-2" per hour at times, plows on the Turnpike had to work hard to keep up.  Plow truck drivers have 12-14 mile routes that typically take 45 minutes to an hour to complete.  For drivers, that meant it was possible to drive through two inches of snow at the beginning of the commute. 

Starting around 4:00am, snow was blowing horizontally and coming down heavily.  However, around 10:00am, the snow subsided and was gently falling with only a slight breeze blowing it around. 

As of 1:30pm the speed limit on the Maine Turnpike was still 45mph.  Some drivers shared their thoughts on this weather.

"I've caught every storm.  I think I missed one," Danny Violette said. "I've had enough."  Paul Whitin said, "It's the way life is! You got to deal with it or move to Florida."

Other truck drivers asked us to remind drivers to use caution and drive slowly.


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