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Jury could get Kennebunk prostitution case Tuesday

8:04 PM, Mar 4, 2013   |    comments
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ALFRED, Maine (NEWS CENTER) - The Mark strong prostitution trial could wrap up Tuesday.

The defense began questioning its witnesses today. Strong's attorney told the judge he expects to call just a couple more witnesses before resting.

In a surprise move the prosecution rested its case Monday without calling any of the so called "johns" to testify.

Mark Strong is charged with 12 counts of promotion of prostitution and one count of conspiracy.
The defense began its case by putting three Kennebunk Police officers on the stand, including the department's chief.

The defense is trying to expand its theory, that the investigation of Mark Strong was retaliation for Strong investigating Kennebunk officers for possible unprofessional conduct.

The state claims Mark Strong managed a prostitution business allegedly run by Alexis Wright. The day started with the lead investigator of the prostitution case Officer Audra Presby being cross examined by the defense. During a search of Mark Strong's property Officer Presby testified she was shocked to find a legal pad with her name written on it and the names of fellow Kennebunk officers. The defense claims those notes seized from Strong's property proves officers knew Strong was investing them in his work as a private investigator.

Strong's attorney Dan Lilley hammered away at the credibility of officer Presby citing an affair she had with a supervisor against department police and civil claim against her involving inappropriate contact with a 5-year old boy, a claim that was later determined to be unfounded. Lilley asked Kennebunk police Chief
Robert MacKenzie if any of that had to do with the investigation of Mark Strong he replied absolutely not. The reason the johns weren't called to testify is because the state and the defense reached a stipulation that none of them saw mark Strong or knew of him when they met with Alexis Wright.

Testimony is expected to wrap up Tuesday and the case could go to the jury by Tuesday night.

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