Poisonous fish could help cancer patients

2:26 PM, Feb 15, 2013   |    comments
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(WBBH) One of the most poisonous animals on planet earth is helping cancer survivors deal with the side effects of chemotherapy.

A Port Charlotte, Florida research clinic is testing a new drug which uses toxins from the pufferfish to eliminate pain.

Joyce Klingle, a participant in the clinical trial, says she is on her feet a lot.

"When you're at work, you just keep going. When your feet hurt, that's too bad you just keep going," she says.

She beat breast cancer six years ago; but chemotherapy left her with neuropathy in her feet and fingertips.

She described the painful disease.

"It's burning pins and needles pricking the bottom of your feet all the time. Your fingertips get numb and you can't pick up anything; you can't hold anything," Klingle explains.

She tried different pain medication, but nothing worked. It still hurt to move packages and stand all day long.

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