Legal, Lethal, and Available

2:50 PM, Feb 18, 2013   |    comments
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There's a new and dangerous drug in Maine - synthetic marijuana.

Known as "spice," "K2," or by other names, is was banned by federal law enforcement in 2012, but manufacturers changed formulas to keep it legal.   It's usually sold as "potpourri" with packaging that says "Not for Human Consumption," but the fact is that it's being sold with use as drug as its sole purpose. It can be purchased legally by people 18 and older. 

"Spice" is a powerful and dangerous hallucinogen.  We've heard frightening and violent stories about bath salts users, but doctors say that at first observation, they can't tell a spice user from a bath salts user when they first arrive at the ER.

Watch Tim Goff's story, "Legal, Lethal, and Available," tonight on NEWS CENTER at 6.

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