Zumba prostitution case goes to high court

7:30 PM, Feb 13, 2013   |    comments
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PORTLAND, Maine (NEWS CENTER) - The Maine Supreme Court today heard oral arguments in the Kennebunk Zumba prostitution case.

The state is appealing the superior court judge's decision that threw out 46 invasion of privacy counts against Thomaston businessman Mark Strong. The decision by the high court could make or break the state's case against Strong.

The matter before the high court revolves around a law passed by the legislature protecting people's privacy and what a reasonable expectation people have towards privacy.

In arguing to get the 46 invasion of privacy charges reinstated against Mark Strong the prosecutor told justices that when people go to places such as bathrooms, tanning booths or other places where they disrobe they should expect privacy.

"No one would argue for a minute that that person didn't expect privacy there. So why would it be any different if money changed hands", said Patrick Gordon, Assistant District Attorney.

As he argued successfully to the lower court, Mark Strong's attorney said when people are committing a crime, such as paying a prostitute for sex, they are not guaranteed privacy.

"Astonishingly and unabashedly the State of Maine argues that criminals have a protected right to commit the crime of engaging a prostitute in a commercial building under Maine law. We have not found any cases that they've cited that would ever support that", said attorney Dan Lilley

We also learned some of the details of the state's case against Mark Strong. The state alleges that strong watch Wright having sex with clients through a Skype feed over the internet and captured thousands of pictures through those feeds. That would be some of the evidence presented to support the invasion of privacy charges if those counts are reinstated.

There's no telling when the justices will announce their decision. Typically they can take weeks, even months. In this particular case Mark Strong's attorney has asked that it be expedited. He wants his client to go trial as soon as possible.


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