Light mix tonight followed by a mild weekend

8:53 AM, Jan 11, 2013   |    comments
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Light Mix Tonight. Sounds like a radio show I'd avoid at all costs, but in reality it's a mixture of sleet/freezing rain/rain Maine will see this evening as a warm front moves through. (I never understood the point of "Mix" radio; I feel like you just end up making no one truly happy by playing random genres. No sane person wants to hear Michael Bolton followed by Taylor Swift. Or maybe more aptly, no sane person wants to hear either but that's a totally different conversation for another day.)

Today: Morning sunshine will quickly give way to mostly cloudy skies across southern and western Maine as a decent deck of clouds is currently drifting through New Hampshire. Further north and east (north of Bangor and into Downeast Maine) the sunshine will last longer with clouds taking over by mid afternoon. High temperatures will still be above average, in the mid to upper 30s in most spots with the warmest readings actually across northern Maine due to the addition sunshine there.

Tonight: A larger storm system will spin to our west tonight but Maine will deal with some precipitation from the associated warm front. Due to the warm air at the mid levels but remaining colder air at the surface, it looks like pockets of freezing drizzle will break out tonight and last through early Saturday morning. The good news is that the avaliable moisture looks fairly limited so precipitation should be light and spotty. Still, it doesn't take much ice to make things slick so be aware if you are traveling anywhere west of I-95. East of I-95 will end up being mainly just plain rain showers and drizzle with warmer air in place. Even the mountains, by the way, will have a hard time getting plain snow out of this system as the mid levels of the atmosphere are torching warm. Sleet is more likely for the higher terrain.

Saturday: Pockets of mixed precipitation will linger through mid morning, particularly over northern Maine. For the rest of the day, however, look for mostly cloudy skies, mild temperatures and a few scattered rain showers. There doesn't look too be THAT much in the way of shower activity so outdoor plans should be fine, it was just enough of a chance to merit including it in the forecast. Highs will be between 40-45 F with a potential to get even warmer over southern Maine with any additional sunshine.

Sunday: Same basic setup as Saturday: Maine is parked in the "warm sector" but still dealing with a decent amount of cloud cover. I'm going to call it mostly cloudy for now with a few peeks of sunshine. The southwest flow will really be pumping at this point though so look for highs in the upper 40s to low 50s. Once again if we get more sunshine we have a CHANCE to hit the mid 50s (then again if my nose was a little bit smaller I'd have a CHANCE to be more attractive, but it just isn't in the cards).

Showers accompany a cold front moving through on Monday afternoon and that will signal the end of our mild weather for a while.

Tuesday and Wednesday look seasonably cool with a mixture of sun and clouds. Some arctic air tries to push in on Thursday night with a strong cold front and right now all indications are that we will be in a deep freeze for Friday/Saturday.

Ok I'm out, I need a nap. This Mannix morning shift takes some getting used to.

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