Holiday decorations in Orland

8:46 AM, Dec 21, 2012   |    comments
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ORLAND, Maine (NEWS CENTER) -  All this week we showcased some over-the-top Christmas decorations and homes around the state.  Today we're featuring the Pierce family in Orland.

Shelly Pierce tells us, "I like the traditional homemade stuff. I never wanted to have it commercialized; I wanted it homemade, the tree ornaments. Melissa, and my son and Chase, we've done those through the years. I've always wanted it that way."

She goes all out with her daughter and grandson, decorating her home, a log cabin that's tucked away from the rest of the world.

Her daughter Melissa says, "I think it's very odd. I think the point you made earlier, nobody see's this house. It's not on the main road, you can't really see it driving by, you have to drive up in to see it. So it's all for our own enjoyment."

The only real rules is that when it comes to decorating, Shelly is the boss. Her daughter says, "She's pretty particular. If anyone was gonna help her, it would be under direct, direct orders from her." Shelly says, ""You do what you wanna do, and what makes you happy. And at this time of year this makes me happy."


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