Portland water main break damages cars parked in street

12:58 AM, Dec 20, 2012   |    comments
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PORTLAND, Maine (NEWS CENTER) -- The effects of a water main break on Somerset Street in Portland are being felt through much of the peninsula.

Two schools were closed Wednesday because of the break, Reiche and East End, and because of a boil order, even hospitals were warning nurses not to bathe any patients.

Cars parked along Somerset Street were flooded to the windows by 8am; many of those cars wouldn't start once the water finally receeded.

Now, left behind are a number of questions, like: who's responsible for all of the damage, and are these recent water main breaks a sign of a bigger problem in the two cities? Just over the summer in South Portland, 6 water mains burst in the span of two weeks.

Michelle Clements, with the Portland Water District says this particular pipe is 100 years old, but there are a number of reasons water mains can break. There will be an investigation done to find out what exactly let to this break.

The cause of the water main break is still under investigation; that will determine whether the city is responsible for any damage to cars or businesses.

In the meantime, anyone who's car was damaged in the flooding can go to the Portland Water District's website and fill out a claim.















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